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Artist Statement


Shapes in nature, particularly animals, are the inspiration for my current work in watercolor. Beginning with a sketch, doodle, some portion of a reference photo, or maybe a color combination I saw that day. Farm animals, house pets, or wildlife on my property or friend’s homes, and the southeastern countryside have been a rich source of subject material.


I love the process – applying paint to a surface to create something totally new. Over time I have moved away from the traditional, tighter, more realistic watercolors, to a looser, more abstract vision utilizing mixed media and various surfaces. Meanwhile my color palette has become more saturated. Watercolor and mixed media on paper are my primary mediums, but I do like to experiment with materials and do some oil on canvas as time permits. Using varied media gives me new insights and keeps the watercolors from feeling stale.





The process begins with selecting the subject and blocking in the main shapes to work out the composition. As the painting progresses the focal point will begin to emerge and adjustments of contrast and color are made to draw the eye along my selected path. Working on smooth surfaces I will often take off as much paint as I put down, which achieves the more abstracted look I am aiming toward.


I want the final piece to work on more than one level... First would be the visual. Color. Texture. Dynamic composition. Second the emotional. The painting’s subject should still possess a distinct personality that comes through to the viewer. When that happens I know I have succeeded.


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